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Bring Dragons To Minecraft Magic. CreepyWizard · 10 months ago
Wand Effects CreepyWizard · 10 months ago
/skills update CreepyWizard · 10 months ago
Warlock CreepyWizard · 10 months ago
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10 months ago
Bring Dragons To Minecraft Magic.

Blue, green, gray, purple and red dragons can be populated across the world.
Each of them will have customized drops. Different amount of SP, random loots.

Funds required for a paid custom library and further development : $12
To contribute visit the shop
One Time Donation option is the one that counts for this Goal.

Green Dragon

10 months ago
Wand Effects

To apply and manage effects for your wand you will need enchanting table.

Available effects:
 - Bubble
 - Halo
 - Rainbow
 - Butterfly - New 2/2/2021

Effects are not affecting the game play, they will not boost your character in any way.
You can unlock effects through the shop.
Type in-game /buy

10 months ago
/skills update

 - Changed menu inventory click event priority to highest (should prevent plugin issues where players were able to take items out)

Bug fixes:
- Exploding fireworks will now give Archery XP instead of Fighting
- Fixed Disenchanter no enum constant error
- Fixed action bar hp and max hp discrepancy
- Fixed experience duplication death exploit
- Players can longer earn Archery/Fighting/Defense XP by damaging/killing themselves

10 months ago

1x Diamond - 10%
1x Emerald - 15%
18x Gold Nuggets - 25%
16x Gold Nuggets - 50%
12x Gold Nuggets - 25%
8x Gold Nuggets - 10%
+ 30 SP

10 months ago
Mega Spider

Drops :
1x Emerald - 80%
2x Emerald - 20%
+ 10 Gold nuggets
+ 10 Spell points