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24 Jan 2021
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It's highly recommended to read this article, otherwise you might get lost and confused.

Make sure you have the resource pack! Type in the chat /getrp auto

Basic commands :
/skills help - Note, skills are additional. Work on them hard and they will make your wizard stronger.
/home ? No such thing, wizards use spells.

To become a Wizard, you'll need to craft a wand.
Wands are made of:
1x Heart of magic <- ( 1 Diamond + 4 Emeralds. )
1x Stick

Once you have Heart of magic and a stick, put them back in the crafting table in a shape that represents a proper and powerful wand.

To learn and unlock more spells, hold your wand and click on your enchanting table.

Once you learn all the spells, you will be promoted to the next rank, which unlocks more spells.
Current progression goes as follows:
Beginner > Student > Apprentice > Master

Note - When you learn or cast a spell it requires SP (Spell Points).
You can spend SP to learn spells and you can earn SP by casting spells and killing monsters.
As Wizard, once you switch to your Wand your normal XP ( Experience ) bar will be changed to one that displays your current amount of SP.
If you put your wand away, you will see the normal XP bar again.

While holding a Wand, your SP bar also acts like Mana pool, cast a spell and you will see how it goes down, then refills back.

Then why do I see Mana 20/20 on the screen?
- This is the Mana that you can use for /skills , you can disable/enable it with /abtoggle
At Mining level 7, you unlock a Mana ability called : Speed Mine ( Gives you 10 haste for 5 seconds) so you mine faster, this ability requires 20 MANA (consumed from the one that you see on screen).

It could be confusing for a moment, but in an hour you'll learn.

########## Claiming your own piece of land. ##########

1. Craft a normal chest.
2. Place it wherever you want to claim land, that would create a 9 x 9 = 81 total blocks claim, centered at the placed chest.

You will also need :
Golden Shovel
- This is the tool used to create and resize claims.
- This is the tool used to visualize a claim by pointing at a build or the ground with the item in your hand and right-clicking.

Private lands are expandable. You can earn more blocks by just playing.

Commands related to land claims.
Land Claims

Server IP : play.minecraftmagic.com
More information - coming soon.

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